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No Medical Exam Mortgage Life Insurance

June 17, 2013


Posted by: glenn


Category: No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Looking for mortgage life insurance with no medical exam?  We have such a product available to you.  Competitive rates, and easy to apply for, just a short application and your first month’s premium.

If you are able to pass a brief medical exam, and are in good health, then I recommend you purchase a term life insurance policy rather than traditional mortgage life insurance.  It’s a better policy and probably cheaper as well.  However if you’re unable or unwilling to take a medical exam, or if you’ve been declined for life insurance in the past, then no medical exam mortgage life insurance is a perfect fit.

How does it work?  There are no qualifying medical questions to apply.  Instead, this policy covers everything except for pre-existing conditions.  If you have current medical conditions or insurability concerns, then these would not be covered. This coverage works well for people who have been declined.  It’s even better if you’re healthy and have been declined for non-health reasons such as occupation, travel, or lifestyle.

While we are unable to quote these rates online, feel welcome to call us at 1-877-344-4011 for full details and for a quote.

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