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Other quality insurance websites of interest:

  • Globe and Mail video – A brief video with Professor Moshe Milevsky where he discusses the basic approach consumers should have towards insurance. Professor Milevsky is a modern insurance genius, at the forefront of insurance research. He also has the ability to impart his knowledge in an understandable fashion.
  • Motorcycle Insurance – Rider’s Plus specializes in motorcycle insurance for Canadians. They have online quotes.
  • Flo’s facebook page – Flo the Progressive Insurance girl. It’s for Americans only, but I always get a hoot out of their commercials. And now they’re offering Flo halloween costumes.
  • UK Life Insurance – Life insurance from across the pond.
  • Deduct your mortgage – a BC financial advisor.
  • Money Coaches Canada – are you just regular folks trying to get your financial house in order? Figure out your budgets, retirement, investments, RESP and the whole mess? These are the folks to contact. They are fee-only financial planners who will help you start from scratch and start on the right path.
  • Gravenhurst Financial Planners – A banker turned rogque, they offer comprehensive fee based financial planning.
  • Allianz Assistance – Canadian travel insurance company with offices worldwide.
  • The Silver Hook – nothing to do with finances or insurance, but if you have young children this site has some very cool handmade toys.
  • DR Pensions Consulting – Questions about CPP? A 32 year employee of CPP now on his own doing CPP consulting.
  • Long term care insurance analysis – the best treatment of long term care insurance I’ve ever seen, anywhere. It’s written by an America, but worthwhile for Canadians to read as well.
  • Autism funding in BC The author of this site is a parent of a child with autism. The site provides information on funding and other information.
  • Life Insurance Websites for Advisors – an American firm, but they do work with Canadians.
  • Travel blog of an actuary – travel adventures of a 40 year old actuary.
  • Life Insurance for Sleep Apnea (U.S).
  • WealthSmart Inc.