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We have many clients who reach out to us because they have been approached by their financial advisor, friend, colleague or even attended a seminar where a financial advisor or life insurance sales person is pushing an investment strategy (concept) called the Insured Retirement Plan (IRP) onto them. Before we dig deeper into what the [...]

The life insurance industry in Canada is increasingly becoming more competitive as each company is trying to find an edge on the next to attract consumers. Canada Protection Plan is making a mark as one of the most popular options for no medical life insurance in Canada. No medical life insurance means that you do [...]

If you are between the ages of 30 and 39, you may have thought about purchasing a life insurance policy and have questions… Why would I need life insurance? How much life insurance do I need? How much does life insurance cost for 30 to 39 year olds? What type of policy should I buy? [...]