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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance isn’t as easy as it seems.  Based on our experience, here’s our top 10 tips you need to consider prior to purchasing no medical exam life insurance. Be aware that there are 2 different types of no medical exam insurance – some have qualifying questions (no medical exam life insurance) [...]

Great news! Canada has a new life insurance company - Order of United Commercial Travellers, or UCT. UCT is a fraternal organization. This is a peculiar life insurance company structure meaning that it's not owned by public or private shareholders. Instead, it's members own the company. However unlike a mutual company (who's policyowners also own [...]

Looking for mortgage life insurance with no medical exam?  We have such a product available to you.  Competitive rates, and easy to apply for, just a short application and your first month's premium. If you are able to pass a brief medical exam, and are in good health, then I recommend you purchase a term [...]