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Everything you need to know about key person (or keyman) life insurance including how much insurance coverage, the type of coverage, who pays the premiums, and the type of life insurance to investigate. Who? Key person insurance is normally placed on owners and key employees. Why (How much)? The 'why' of key person life insurance [...]

The insurance industry has promoted using life insurance as an investment, but here's a new one that consumers have been pulling over on the insurance companies. They're managing to earn 10% tax free guaranteed using insurance policies. The only trick? You need to be terminally ill first. Some life insurance policies have limited benefits in [...]

Life insurance for children is often a hot topic on both sides of the argument. Should you consider purchasing a life insurance policy for your children? If so, what type of insurance should you purchase? Should you purchase life insurance for your children? The answer to that is dependent on why you are considering this. [...]

Summary: Bloggers - sign up using the form below to commit to publishing a post on November 15th for financial literacy month. In exchange, get three awesome backlinks and a chance to win $500! November is Financial Literacy month.  Yup, it's that important that there's a whole month dedicated to it.  No, it's not quite [...]

I hope you're cardio is up to speed for the treadmill portion of your life insurance medical exam.  OK, seriously - life insurance medical exams are far less onerous and difficult than most people believe.  The 'medical' exam isn't a fitness test.  It would be more aptly named a 'medical history disclosure'. And the word [...]

For those getting divorced and completing a divorce settlement, life insurance often enters into the agreement as part of the finances. There's a few things you should consider at this time, including how much life insurance, the type, and who will pay the premiums. How much life insurance? The amount of coverage will need to [...]

Permanent life insurance premiums continue to increase substantially across the industry. Just this week both Sun Life and Canada Life have increased their premiums on their life insurance premiums, and they're the almost the last in a long line of insurers raising their premiums on these products. Some of the companies have taken even more [...]

The life insurance industry is very much stuck in the 1950's when it comes to going paperless. It seems everyone keeps hardcopies laying around - brokers, wholesalers, and insurance companies. Why is that? Can it be fixed? Should it be fixed? 5000 sheets of recycled paper can be had for $50 at any office supply [...]

Insurable interest

An article over at just caught my eye: It's an American story. Basically a lawyer found a way to screw life insurance companies by avoiding what is known as 'insurable interest'. The idea is that in order for me to buy life insurance on your life, I need to suffer a financial loss [...]

In the last 5-10 years the banks have entered into the life insurance business in  three ways. They are using different distribution methods such as through existing brokers, setting up their own sales force, or offering it through their website.  The idea of getting insurance through a website is particularly attractive to many consumers, and [...]

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