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I remember my first (and to date, only) experience with e-cigarettes.  I was at an internet conference in Dallas about 4 years ago and we were discussing the entrance of these devices into the online world.  One of my friends produced one and proceeded to take a puff.  He explained that it was just water [...]

Recently an American company sold a $200 million dollar life insurance policy. While that's fairly big news in the life insurance industry, there's a bunch of things I find curious about the case that other's haven't mentioned. This is a permanent life insurance policy - typically a whole life insurance policy, but often also a [...]

Note: This is our first ever guest post. Doug of DR Pensions is an expert on CPP and pensions, having worked for them for many years. Doug now does consulting for consumers who need assistance with CPP, OAS, and their pensions. We've seen his writing on other websites and were very impressed - and we're [...]

I've just run into a somewhat unique situation regarding life insurance beneficiaries. And not only did I not know how to proceed, none of the company reps I spoke to knew what to do in this situation either. Situation #1: Let's say you have two beneficiaries on your life insurance policy. You pass away, and [...]

In today's blog post I thought I'd throw out some random links and comments to other sites in the life insurance industry. No particular relationship amongst any of these other than for one reason or another I find them interesting. 1) Steven Kobrick - this New York life insurance brokers states "I believe that every [...]

Life Insurance Quotes

Before you run your life insurance quotes, you may consider reading our articles on how much life insurance do I need and types of life insurance. How much and what type are both vital components of getting an online life insurance quote. Tips on getting the best rate: When you run your life insurance quotes [...]

Joint first to die life insurance is insurance where two individuals are covered with death benefit paid on the first death. This is sometimes considered by couples with the intention that such coverage is less expensive that two individual coverages. In reality, this is not normally the case. In fact, I specifically recommend two individual [...]

Insurance Glossary

Insurance terms and glossary: Beneficiary - The beneficiary of the policy is the person or entity that receives the benefits. For disability insurance, the beneficiary may be the same person as the insured. In the case of life insurance, the beneficiary and the insured would be different people. Convertible - A convertible term policy provides [...]

Mortgage life insurance is required by many banks as part of the mortgage process. However while they can request that you have life insurance to cover the debt, they cannot require that you get that insurance with them. You have the flexibility to shop for mortgage insurance to get better products and better rates. True [...]

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