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Using life insurance as an asset class offers you two benefits. First, insurance policies have some tax-sheltering advantages (important with larger investment portfolios) and secondly you can diversify both by participating in the general returns of some insurance company portfolios, as well as taking advantage of insurance pricing considerations. Looking for a second opinion on [...]

We highly recommend also reading the blog post recently posted on our website. It is titled "Have You Been IRP'd By your Financial / Insurance Advisor?". You can find the post by clicking here.   The Insured Retirement Plan is a retirement tax strategy that uses life insurance in 3 distinct tax-advantaged ways. Looking for [...]

I continue to read online articles that claim life insurance brokers sell certain products because their commission is higher on certain products. These articles then always follow up with suggesting consumers need to delve into the fine details of how brokers are paid. Doing so apparently protects your best interests. I disagree entirely. If I [...]

Here's my top 5 list of things that I believe regulators need to change in the life insurance insurance industry. 1) Remove the fraud exclusion from life insurance policies. Right now Canadian life insurance policies state that life insurance claims can be denied in the first two years of the policy based on failure to [...]

I believe fee based financial planning has it's place. In some instances, it's entirely suitable for Canadian consumers. I know a number of fee based financial planners, and they're outstanding individuals - sharp, knowledgeable, and consumer-centric. BUT. The consensus seems to be that fee based financial planners are automatically better than investment advisors who are [...]

I find the idea of fee based financial planners interesting.  Fee based planners charge a flat fee for investment advice, rather than commissions on the size of the investment portfolio.  Ideally, this makes them less biased.  Today's article is a guest post from a fee based planner who's writing's I've enjoyed in the past. Financial [...]

I'd like this post to serve as a warning to anyone purchasing life insurance online, directly from the banks.  I've had a bit of experience with them while inquiring about claims, and have found the experience most unpleasant. I occasionally do policy searches for clients, where I call over 100 life insurance companies.  In doing [...]

Errors in Underwriting

What happens when life insurance applications go bad? Through the years I've seen and been told about numerous errors in underwriting. Not specifically errors on behalf of the underwriter, just things that have happened or mistakes that have been made that can lead to some very interesting results. Given the complexity of the information and [...]

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