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It's not just a stereotype – it seems that a lot of Canadians partake in marijuana on a routine social basis. Do life insurance companies have a problem with this? The answer may surprise you – in most cases life insurance companies have no problem with routine social marijuana use. Realistically if they weren't prepared [...]

How much life insurance does a stay at home mom (SAHM) need? If we are assuming that the need for life insurance is based around your income then we might arrive at the answer of 'none'. However it's not quite as simple as that. Let's look at two ways a stay at home mom may [...]

Wednesday August 22, 2012 is the very first Life Insurance Movement day. Initiated in the U.S. (I believe I'm one of the very few Canadian bloggers that will be participating) the goal of the movement is to raise awareness amongst consumers about the importance of life insurance. In order to achieve this goal, many active [...]

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