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Critical Illness Insurance

Here's a list of the standard covered conditions: Cancer Life Threatening Cancer Early Prostate Cancer (Partial) Ductal Breast Cancer (Partial) Superficial Malignant Melanoma (Partial) Benign Brain Tumour Stroke Heart Heart Attack Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Heart Valve Replacement Aortic Surgery Angioplasty (Partial) Multiple Sclerosis Motor Neuron Disease Alzheimer's Disease Parkinson's Disease Aplastic Anemia Loss of [...]

Purchasing return of premium on critical illness insurance is the same thing, except without the first two points. Return of premium rider on a critical illness policy promises to pay you back all your premiums should you not make a claim.  In sales-person's terminology "Get paid the claim or get all your money back".  Sounds [...]

For the total amount, it's a matter of totaling up the expected costs you may have should you develop a covered condition. Examine each reason and estimate the amount that you'll need for each of those items.  Total these amounts and you have a solid estimate as to the amount of coverage.  When in doubt, round [...]

Moratorium Period Exclusions No benefit will be payable under this condition if within the first 90 days following the later of the effective date of the policy or the effective date of the last reinstatement of the policy, the life insurance has any of the following: signs, symptoms or investigations that lead to a diagnosis [...]

Are you looking for critical illness insurance?  There's two things you need to consider before making this decision. First, you must have adequate life insurance and long term disability insurance before purchasing critical illness insurance.  Both of those coverages are more important than critical illness insurance and must be emphasized first. An example may help [...]

Exclusion: No benefit will be payable under this Critical Illness Insured Condition for elevated biochemical cardiac markers after an intra-arterial cardiac procedure including, but not limited to, coronary angiography and coronary angioplasty, in the absence of new Q waves.For greater certainty, ECG changes suggesting a prior myocardial infarction does not satisfy the above definition of [...]