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While we are not currently accepting new brokers, we are a rapidly growing brokerage and expect to bring on more associate brokers shortly. Please feel welcome to forward your information to and we’ll keep you in mind next time we have an opening.

Who we are:
Our brokers work from home using our unique remote home office. There is no travel to clients, and no face to face meetings.

We provide a secure computer to access our database, and a remote phone extension that connects to our phone systems. You simply plug the phone and the computer into your high speed internet connection, and you are on our systems.

As our clients reach us through our website, we assign them to you in your database. You’ll then use our phone extension to call and communicate with these clients. All communication and sales are made over the phone and through email, we are entirely a non-face to face organization.

In addition to using our database to receive new clients, it’s also used as a very effective followup tool to track what will eventually be many dozens of new client followups assigned to you. The database is also used to communicate with our admin staff, send in applications and basically administer all the details that go along with servicing clients.

Clients can reach you on our toll free number, as your phone is simply an extension on our phone system. During the day, our phone system is answered by a professional receptionist. After hours, clients can bypass our main voicemail and reach your phone directly. If you’re speaking with clients in the evening, they can call you back and get right through to you on our toll free number.

We handle most of the admin including processing of applications, booking of meds, and much of the client followup. This leaves you with the job you want to do – speaking to clients and not being buried in paperwork.

We also provide you with detailed documentation that shows you not just how to use our systems, but also provides you with an entire script to use when calling as well as how to do applications and process business in an non-face to face fashion.

Commissions are split in an equitable fashion, at source, you keep your existing broker codes and MGA contracts. And while the brokers we work with do most or all of their business as the result of clients from our website, you are welcome and encouraged to maintain your own block of business independent from us.

This is exactly as good as it sounds. No more travel, no more appointments, no more cold calling, and very little admin overhead. Work from home calling consumers who are actively seeking life insurance and who have been running quotes on our website and know who we are. No start up costs, you start getting top quality leads right from day 1.

Who you are:
Our ‘sales’ technique has little to do with sales. Instead it’s a fairly technical, basic principle approach to life insurance. We explain insurance to our clients, offer them every possible option, and allow them to purchase whatever products they choose. Clients purchase from us because we provide exemplary service, we are experts at life insurance, and because the script we provide you explains life insurance to them in a manner that is understandable. Our brokers frequently receive compliments from our clients indicating that they finally understand life insurance.

That means we do not use traditional sales techniques. Things like ‘buy signals’ or ‘the medical close’ or anything similiar are never used with our clients. There are no closing techniques and no hard sell.

Because of our techical, non-sales approach, we find that experienced brokers may have bad habits that are just too hard to break. As we expand, we seek brokers who:
– are willing to work irregular hours, including routine evening hours
– have a university degree or similiar, preferably in a technical or financial field.
– be fairly new to the life insurance industry (we will train you).
– must be licensed in one province, and willing to get licensed in other provinces (we have clients nationally).
– willing to work on the phone.

Your location is not important, as long as you have a stable high speed internet connection and a quiet, comfortable spot in your home to work from.