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Are you a life insurance broker? We can help you with the biggest problem you’ve got today – finding consumers to talk to about life insurance.

Why us?
In 2007, Glenn Cooke (president of Life Insurance Inc.) attempted to sell life insurance to consumers he’d connected with via Daily for over a month he called dozens of consumers. And for the first month, he made absolutely no sales. But in the first week of the second month he finally found that one consumer that was going to buy life insurance no matter how poor of a salesperson he was. Within three months Glenn went from no sales to top 10 agent at the national agency he worked with.

Through the years Glenn has personally worked with thousands of Canadians in their life insurance purchase. Everyone from actuaries, engineers, teachers, even other insurance agents and regulators have purchased insurance after connecting via this website.

Now 10 years later we’ve decided to refocus in a more technical role. We no longer sell life insurance to consumers and work in an educational capacity.

The good news is, we still meet many Canadians looking to connect with a broker, and now that broker can be you.

Our life insurance leads

When we connect you with a consumer, those consumers came to you from our website. They actively looking for life insurance, which resulted in them landing on our site.

Independence is important

Because we don’t sell life insurance, we don’t purport to tell you how to. Communciate with these consumers, and do what you do best – advise them on the purchase of life insurance. We don’t take a cut of your commissions, and we don’t restrict what companies you sell. In fact, since we want to ensure consumers are properly treated, we ask that all of the advisors we work with confirm that they will advise consumers without restriction on company or product. Working with us means you are unrestricted by agency requirements on company or product – offer what is best for the consumer.

Interested? Download our full detail and pricing list here. Then call us right away to start receiving your stream of consumers looking for life insurance!