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Canadian financial blog roundup November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012


Posted by: glenn


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This is the first in my ongoing series of summaries of the best posts around the Canadian financial blogs community.  They’re my favourite blog posts, or thought provoking, or contain info that Canadians should read.

  • Million Dollar Journey – financial advisor Ed Rempel talks about how Canadian have to invest in the stock market in order to succeed.
  • Canadian Dream Fee at 45 – Blogger Tim Stobbs lost his bid for re-election as School Trustee.  While not financially related, I commend Tim’s efforts.  School Board Trustee is a tough job and so is campaigning.  Hats off to him for participating.
  • Michael James – talks about a reconsideration request on your house taxes.
  • TimelessFinance – discusses negotiating the Joe Wood cell phone plan.  As noted in the comments, if he really loved his partner he’d have bought her an Android phone instead of a blackberry.
  • Big Canajun Man – discusses withdrawing money from your RESP’s.
  • Big Canajun Man – in an earlier post, Big Canajun man mentions that his mother is a statistician who went to University College of London.  That college was founded by and produced some of the top statisticians in history.  Any first year stats student will be familiar with De Morgan’s laws.  De Morgan?  Yup, University College of London.  As a collector of antique insurance books, I actually own a book that I believe De Morgan presented to a University College of London student for outstanding math achievements.
  • Preet Bannerjee – he’s back to blogging again!  After wrapping up filming for his new TV show he’s fired up his blog again.  Good news, Preet is one of the sharpest minds in the industry.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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