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Looking for mortgage life insurance with no medical exam?  We have such a product available to you.  Competitive rates, and easy to apply for, just a short application and your first month's premium. If you are able to pass a brief medical exam, and are in good health, then I recommend you purchase a term [...]

A frequent beneficiary designation amongst families would be to have the two parents name each other as primary or first-payor beneficiaries and the children as contingent or second-payor beneficiaries.  There's a potential problem with this however, if you have more children and forget to update your beneficiary designations. If you have this type of setup [...]

I have the pleasure of having a number of American life insurance brokers as friends.  This affords me the luxury of seeing life insurance from both sides of the border.  While there's a number of product differences between the two countries, there's one other vast difference - taxation of life insurance death benefits. In Canada [...]

When reading about life insurance online, it's common to only deal with the final purchase decision, how much and what type. Those factors need to be treated unemotionally and factually. In the past three articles however we've examined what happens before you make the decision to purchase life insurance. We've contrasted two groups of very [...]

Today we're going to interview 3 actual Canadian life insurance brokers to see what type of insurance they have. All three brokers have many years of experience in the business, all three have dealt with thousands of clients through the years, all three are professionals looking after the best interests of their clients. Two of [...]

With the idea of comparing and contrasting different approaches to life insurance purchases, this week we've interviewed three of Canada's top financial bloggers. These folks are financially astute. They blog on Canadian financial matters, are well read and unbaised. None of them earn an income from the financial industry. They're just regular folks who pay [...]

All life insurance sales start out as an emotional decision. The life insurance industry is well aware of this fact and uses emotions in much of its marketing material. Conversely, some people will tell you that emotion should play absolutely no part in your decision. I believe that somewhere in the middle is the correct [...]

Manulife has been promoting a unique combination plan called Synergy. It combines coverage on life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance all under one coverage. If you're not covered under under a group work insurance policy, this may be a suitable product for you. Buying your coverage bundled like this is likely a less [...]

When people consider the purchase of life insurance, the consideration normally centers around term vs whole life insurance. The basic idea is that if you need life insurance for a period of time, say 20 years, then term life insurance is perfect. If you need life insurance forever, you should consider some variant of permanent [...]

30 year term life insurance

30 year term life insurance is a great product for young families. It provides coverage until close to retirement, and fits well with mortgage and family timeframes. It's a great all around term life insurance policy for people into their early 30's. However if you're considering 30 year term, there are two other things you [...]

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