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Fee Based Financial Planners

I find the idea of fee based financial planners interesting.  Fee based planners charge a flat fee for investment advice, rather than commissions on the size of the investment portfolio.  Ideally, this makes them less biased.  Today's article is a guest post from a fee based planner who's writing's I've enjoyed in the past. Financial [...]

I'd like this post to serve as a warning to anyone purchasing life insurance online, directly from the banks.  I've had a bit of experience with them while inquiring about claims, and have found the experience most unpleasant. I occasionally do policy searches for clients, where I call over 100 life insurance companies.  In doing [...]

Great news! Canada has a new life insurance company - Order of United Commercial Travellers, or UCT. UCT is a fraternal organization. This is a peculiar life insurance company structure meaning that it's not owned by public or private shareholders. Instead, it's members own the company. However unlike a mutual company (who's policyowners also own [...]

Errors in Underwriting

What happens when life insurance applications go bad? Through the years I've seen and been told about numerous errors in underwriting. Not specifically errors on behalf of the underwriter, just things that have happened or mistakes that have been made that can lead to some very interesting results. Given the complexity of the information and [...]

The practice of rebating in the life insurance world means the broker gives you a kickback to incentivize you to purchase the policy from them instead of another broker. Think of it this way - you're car shopping with one sales rep, and another rep comes along and says 'hey buddy, buy the car from [...]

I remember my first (and to date, only) experience with e-cigarettes.  I was at an internet conference in Dallas about 4 years ago and we were discussing the entrance of these devices into the online world.  One of my friends produced one and proceeded to take a puff.  He explained that it was just water [...]

Recently an American company sold a $200 million dollar life insurance policy. While that's fairly big news in the life insurance industry, there's a bunch of things I find curious about the case that other's haven't mentioned. This is a permanent life insurance policy - typically a whole life insurance policy, but often also a [...]

Note: This is our first ever guest post. Doug of DR Pensions is an expert on CPP and pensions, having worked for them for many years. Doug now does consulting for consumers who need assistance with CPP, OAS, and their pensions. We've seen his writing on other websites and were very impressed - and we're [...]