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Buying insurance is often done emotionally, overruling financial common sense. There's three easy tests you can use though to ensure that you're making the right decision. These three tests are simple, you should purchase insurance to cover Catastrophic Financial Losses. Catastrophic: You should normally only purchase insurance if your loss if catastrophic. If your loss [...]

New Year’s reminder – RESP

It's a new calendar year, so for those of us with children, we once again have the full yearly contribution limit available for our children's RESP's.  So if you're not making routine monthly contributions, now's as good a time as any to drop the $5000 into the little one's RESP's.  That'll give the contribution a [...]

Comparisons between term life insurance and mortgage life insurance are common.  But few if any will show you the real worst case scenarios that show mortgage life insurance to be a huge mistake. Here's the common reasons to buy term life insurance that you'll read about on the internet: Mortgage insurance is decreasing insurance.  Your [...]

In a recent case in the U.K, a cancer victim's family was denied their life insurance payout due to failure to disclose. While he died from cancer, it turns out that he failed to disclose two items during his application. The first was that he had 'pins and needles', and the second was that [...]

Happy half-birthday to you! Happy half-birthday to you! Happy haaalf-biiiiirthday to yoooooooou.... And you look like one to!! Ever wonder how much life insurance premiums go up as we get older? The answer is that at younger ages, a single year age difference won't make a big difference in the annual premium. At older ages, [...]

Don't just cancel your life insurance policy!  By doing so, you're exposing yourself to risk and losing out on potential benefits.  Instead put a stop payment on your premiums with your bank. If you write to the insurance company and cancel your policy then the policy is over immediately with no further recourse. By contrast, [...]

"One of these days, you're gonna poke my eyes out." Well, good news! The life insurance industry has coverage for that! It's called AD&D. Accidental Death and Dismemberment provides two types of benefits.  The first, the 'accidental death' part provides a specified death benefit if you die as the result of an accident.  That's not [...]

We here at Life Insurance Inc. have organized Canadian bloggers as part of November being Financial Literacy month. In order to cut down on the noise and volume of data presented to consumers, we've challenged bloggers on November 15th to write their single best financial tip. And the bloggers have responded in droves - [...]

The general rule of thumb for smokers is that your premiums will be double that of a nonsmoker.  So how do we lower these premiums?  That depends on whether you expect to quit smoking in the near future. First, the strategy is not to fail to disclose your smoking status.  You can imagine that insurance [...]

Lots of activity this week, but a few very important posts I wanted to point out: Canajun Finances - discusses how time is the most important variable.  If this isn't intuitive to you, then please go read the article.  The compounding effect of interest over time is huge.  The takeaway point?  Start early, and if [...]

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