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About Life Insurance Inc.

Our mission: To educate Canada on life insurance.

Life Insurance Inc. is owned and operated by Glenn Cooke. Glenn is a licensed life insurance broker operating in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon, and British Columbia. We specialize in three things:

    1. Expert and easy to understand explanations.
    2. Shopping more companies to ensure the lowest premiums.
    3. “No agent will visit” process. We do almost all of our business online and over the phone rather than the normal home visit process that is the life insurance standard. Our clients prefer this non-intrusive approach.

See our client testimonials or read about us in the media.

We’re also Canada’s only fully virtual, distributed life insurance brokerage! In 2008-2009 we closed our retail storefront and office and took an entirely different approach. Since then we have developed a virtual office system that lets us work with brokers across Canada. We provide our brokers with a custom computer and phone system that integrates seamlessly yet remotely, to our head office systems. This allows brokers to work from the comfort of their own home yet administer our clients and work with our admin staff through our database. And it’s better for our clients as it allows consumers to work with some of the best life insurance brokers in Canada, without regard for geography. Clients from across Canada can work with us and our brokers without having an agent visit their home – no matter how far apart our clients and brokers are seperated. Better brokers, better service with longer hours, no agent to visit, lowered costs, lower environmental impacts, and happier clients, brokers, and administrators!

Glenn Cooke – President, Life Insurance Inc. and Life Insurance Broker

Glenn has been in the life insurance business since 1986. He specializes in making life insurance easy to understand for Canadian consumers, backing it up with low cost premiums. As a life insurance expert he has also provided marketing and premium information to thousands of life insurance agents across Canada and the U.S. Glenn works with a variety of life insurance companies to which he provides competitive rate information used in pricing their life insurance products. A variety of banks and other financial institutions contract with him for their online advertising needs. See the Media link at the top of the site to see Canadian media references to Glenn.

Barb Cooke – Administration

Barb is our expert office administrator. She promptly addresses client concerns as well as maintains a smooth workflow for our insurance operations. She has worked in insurance and administration for almost thirty years and is an expert at dealing with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Our clients have the confidence that they can contact Barb for any administrative concerns and have those concerns followed up on promptly and completely.

Jack Moran – Associate Broker

Jack has been retailing life insurance for over 40 years and is well known and respected in the life insurance broker community. Jack has extensive experience at various levels of the life insurance industry including acting as a wholesaler for many years.

Peter Choma – Associate Broker

Peter Choma is an experienced life insurance broker. He started his career working for a specific Canadian life insurance company but soon determined that a career as a broker would give him the flexibility to better serve his clients.