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About Life Insurance Inc.

Our mission: To educate Canada on life insurance.

Life Insurance Inc. offers unbiased educational information allowing Canadians to connect to independent Canadian life insurance advisors.  We do not sell life insurance.

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Glenn Cooke – President, Life Insurance Inc.

Glenn has been in the insurance business in a variety of roles since 1986. As a former Elite Advisor, Glenn has helped thousands of Canadians with their life insurance needs.   Glenn also built and operated Canada’s first fully virtual and distributed life insurance agency, where brokers and consumers could connect without any physical presence.

In 2017 Glenn changed course and ceased selling insurance.  While he remains very active in the life insurance industry he no longer ‘sells’  life insurance.  Instead he focuses his efforts via this website on presenting understandable information about Canadian life insurance, and providing a venue where Canadians can connect with independent life insurance brokers.