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We are independent brokers and sell life insurance across Canada.

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Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance has two primary attributes – the premium and the death benefit. If we strip away the marketing aspects from life insurance those are the two base attributes we should be concerned about. If we die, how much do our beneficiaries receive? And how much does it cost to receive those benefits?


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance in Canada is a hot product. But beware! You must be educated on what’s covered – it may not be what you think. And your broker may not drill down to this level – so make sure you do. If you’d like a personal consultation on critical illness, please call toll free at 1-877-344-4011. (also if you just want to skip the education and jump right to having someone provide you professional advice by phone).


Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most popular and affordable type of life insurance available in Canada. It provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time- typically 10, 20 or 30 years. The cost and death benefit of the policy are both fixed for the length of the term.

No Medical Exam Insurance

Have you been declined for life insurance? Do you not want to complete a medical exam? No Medical Exam Life Insurance is currently one of the fastest growing life insurance products in Canada. You can get approved quick and easy with competitive premiums. Feel free to call toll free at 1-877-344-4011 to learn more.

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Shortly after the birth of my son, I started shopping around for life insurance for me and my family. With my medical history, I knew it was going to be difficult and after many attempts to get something through other brokers without success I contacted From the very first email, I knew that Glenn would be able to do what no other broker could. He was (and still is) incredibly professional, knowledgeable and understanding. He walked me through the whole process, helped me pick out the policies that would best suit our family and spent hours going over each point of the proposals. Even now, two years later, he still gives me the same level of attention that he did when we first met. There is no one else that I would recommend. He was able to give me and my family the peace of mind that I couldn’t get anywhere else. For that I will always be grateful.Christina H. [Ottawa ON]
I have known Glenn for a number of years, and have always found him to be honest, straightforward and competent. Buying Life Insurance from him, was simple, and required only a phone conversation and the paperwork. He found the best rates for me, considering my health, age and so on. I am extremely happy with him and would not hesitate to recommend him as an Insurance agent to anyone considering buying life insurance.Chris B. [St. Mary’s ON]
As a former insurance adviser, I appreciate Glenn’s hard work researching not only the best quotes but explaining the benefits of each company, how they best suit my personal needs and the needs of my family. His ongoing advice has helped me choose the policy that I need and am comfortable paying.Jason H [Nova Scotia]
I have been in the process of dealing with another well known insurance company when after over 5 months of waiting for my quote and being very frustrated with the process, I decided to look at other avenues. I saw Glenn’s site and took a chance, asking him for a quote. I am a pilot and life insurance can be tricky and quite expensive. He worked hard and diligently in getting me the best quote over just a few weeks, saving me over 75% a month on what I was quoted from the other company (a quote which took them 6 months to get to me!).Randi M. [Calgary, AB]

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  • February 2016 The ‘front page of the internet’ and one of the world’s busiest sites invited Glenn to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the subject of insurance sales online. Glenn will also be one of the first 5 AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) in March in the Canadian personal finance sub-section of this site.

  • January 2016

    Globe And Mail The Globe and Mail quotes Glenn on the subject of Critical Illness Insurance.

  • November 2016

    MoneySense Magazine In the November edition of the magazine, Glenn Cooke is referenced on how much life insurance consumers should have.